This wiki will cover tutorials related to the rrt_exploration package

Github Page: https://github.com/hasauino/rrt_exploration_tutorials

Package overview


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This section will show how to install everything, the required packages and python modules, in addition to the package itself (rrt_exploration) and the rrt_exploration_tutorials package. This tutorial assumes that you have already installed ROS, and have a workspace.

Install all required packages

In a terminal, write the following commands:

sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-gmapping ros-$ROS_DISTRO-navigation ros-$ROS_DISTRO-kobuki ros-$ROS_DISTRO-kobuki-core ros-$ROS_DISTRO-kobuki-gazebo

sudo apt-get install python-opencv python-numpy python-scikits-learn

Install rrt_exploration and rrt_exploration_tutorials

Assuming your workspace folder is in the home directory and named catkin_ws (if not, change commands accordingly):

$ cd ~/catkin_ws/src/
$ git clone https://github.com/hasauino/rrt_exploration.git
$ git clone https://github.com/hasauino/rrt_exploration_tutorials.git
$ cd ~/catkin_ws
$ catkin_make

This is it! Now you can test the package.

Tutorials list

In the tutorials, we will use the Gazebo simulator. You already have all the needed files after you downloaded the rrt_exploration_tutorials package.

1-Single robot with laser scanner.

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