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Using Euslisp(roseus) to control robot behavior through perception

Description: This tutorial shows how to write perception based behavir program

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Euslisp Setup

Install from deb

  • sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-pr2eus

Gazebo Setup (if use gazebo simulator)

Install from deb

  • sudo apt-get install ros-hydro-pr2-gazebo

writing the robot node

source code

create the pr2main.l file in your folder https://github.com/jsk-ros-pkg/jsk_pr2eus/tree/master/pr2eus_tutorials

  • (load "package://pr2eus/pr2-interface.l")
    (ros::roseus "pr2_main")
    (defmethod pr2-robot
      (:initial-pose ()
       (send self :angle-vector
             (float-vector 12.0 45.0 60.0 0.0 -120.0 0.0 -45.0 0.0 -45.0 60.0 0.0 -120.0 0.0 -45.0 0.0 0.0 35.0))
    ;; make limb's index vector
    (map integer-vector
         #'(lambda (j)
             (position j (send *pr2* :joint-list)))
         (send *pr2* limb :joint-list))
    (defmethod robot-interface
      (:error-coords (limb)
       (let ((pt (send self :state :potentio-vector))
             (ds (send self :state-vector :desired))
             (limb-pt (send robot limb :angle-vector))
             (pt-cds (send robot limb :end-coords))
             limb-ds ds-cds diff-cds)
         (send robot :angle-vector ds)
         (setq ds-cds (send robot limb :end-coords)
               limb-ds (send robot limb :angle-vector))
         (setq diff-cds (send pt-cds :transformation ds-cds))
         (setf (get diff-cds :diff-angle-vector) (v- limb-pt limb-ds))
         (setf (get diff-cds :limb) limb)
         (send robot :angle-vector pt)
    ;; initial pose
    (defun goto-init-pose (&key (wait t) (tm 4000))
      (send *pr2* :initial-pose)
      (send *ri* :angle-vector (send *pr2* :angle-vector) tm)
      (if wait (send *ri* :wait-interpolation)))
    (warn "

then create the tabletop-sample.l in the same folder

  • (ros::roseus-add-msgs "posedetection_msgs")
    (load "pr2main.l")
    ;; (load "package://pr2eus_tutorials/arm-navigation-sample.l")
    (defun detect-callback ( msg )
      (setq *msg* msg))
    (setq *msg* nil)
    (ros::roseus "tabletop_object_sample")
    ;; /ObjectDetection is the topic that tells object_pose
    (ros::subscribe "/ObjectDetection" posedetection_msgs::ObjectDetection
    ;; initialize PR2 ROS-euslisp interface
    (pr2-init t)
    ;; goto initial pose
    (send *irtviewer* :draw-objects)
    (unless (boundp '*tfl*)
      (setq *tfl* (instance ros::transform-listener :init)))
    ;; get pose in /ObjectDetection
    (defun detect-one (&optional (timeout 500))
      "subscribe just one detection result and return list of worldcoords of object's centroid"
      (let (lst
            (cntr 0)
        (setq *msg* nil)
        (ros::rate 10)
        (while (null *msg*)
          (if (> (incf cntr) timeout)
              (return-from detect-one nil)))
        (setq trans-base->table
              (send *tfl* :lookup-transform
                    (send *msg* :header :frame_id)
                    (send *msg* :header :stamp)))
        (dolist (obj (send *msg* :objects))
          (let ((trs
                 (send (send trans-base->table :copy-worldcoords)
                       :transform (ros::tf-pose->coords (send obj :pose)))))
            (setf (get trs :type) (send obj :type))
            (push trs lst)
    (unix::sleep 5) ;; waiting detection
    (defun pickup-pick (&key (arm :rarm))
      (let ((av-st (send *pr2* :angle-vector))
            av-ed av-mid)
      (setq *res* (detect-one))
      ;; sort nearest first// 
      (sort *res*
            #'(lambda (x y)
                (<= (norm (send (send (send *pr2* arm :end-coords :worldcoords) :transformation x) :pos))
                    (norm (send (send (send *pr2* arm :end-coords :worldcoords) :transformation y) :pos)))))
       ((send *pr2* arm :inverse-kinematics (car *res*) :rotation-axis :z)
        ;;(setq av-ed (send *pr2* :angle-vector))
        ;; move hands to object IK(inverse kinematics)
        (let ((cds (send *pr2* arm :end-coords :copy-worldcoords)))
          (send cds :translate (float-vector 25 0 10 )) ;; 25mm offset of centroid
          (if (send *pr2* arm :inverse-kinematics cds :rotation-axis :z)
              (setq av-ed (send *pr2* :angle-vector))))
        (let ((cds (send *pr2* arm :end-coords :copy-worldcoords)))
          (send cds :translate (float-vector -75 0 0)) ;; linear reach to object
          (if (send *pr2* arm :inverse-kinematics cds)
              (setq av-mid (send *pr2* :angle-vector))))
        (send *irtviewer* :draw-objects)
        (when av-mid
          ;; open hand
          (send *ri* :stop-grasp arm)
          (send *ri* :wait-interpolation) ;; wait for finising action
          ;; move arm
          (send *ri* :angle-vector-sequence
                (list av-mid av-ed) (list 3800 1200))
          (send *ri* :wait-interpolation) ;; wait for finising action
          ;; close hand
          ;;(> (send *ri* :start-grasp arm) 8) ;; hand width is more than 8mm
          ;; gripper action not returned while have not reached goal position ???
          (send *ri* :move-gripper arm 0.03 :wait nil)
          (unix::usleep (* 2 1000 1000))
       (t nil))
      (send *irtviewer* :draw-objects)
    (defun pickup-up (&key (arm :rarm))
      ;; move hand up a little
      (send *pr2* arm :move-end-pos (float-vector 0 0 55) :world)
      (send *ri* :angle-vector (send *pr2* :angle-vector) 2500)
      (send *ri* :wait-interpolation)
      (send *irtviewer* :draw-objects)
      (send *irtviewer* :draw-objects)
    (warn ";;
    ;; (pickup-pick :arm :rarm)
    ;; (pickup-up :arm :rarm)
    ;; (pickup-pick :arm :larm)
    ;; (pickup-up :arm :larm)

Examining the codes

launch gazebo world (if use gazebo)

  • roslaunch pr2_gazebo pr2_empty_world.launch

run your program

  • roseus tabletop-sample.l

run detection node

you can use any programs that publish /ObjectDetection topic now, we test programs by using 'rostopic pub'

  • rostopic pub /ObjectDetection posedetection_msgs/ObjectDetection "header:
      seq: 0
        secs: 0
        nsecs: 0
      frame_id: '/base_link'
    - pose:
          x: 0.4
          y: 0.1
          z: 0.6
          x: 0.0
          y: 0.0
          z: 0.0
          w: 0.0
      type: ''" -1

move command

then you can move robot by this command

  • ;; in the terminal you run tabletop-simple node
    (pickup-pick :arm :rarm)

if the robot doesn't move, you may have to command

  • (ros::spin-once)

before 'pickup-pick'

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