To launch rxbag, pass the filenames of one or more bag files, e.g.

  • $ rxbag trial1.bag trial2.bag

rxbag can take various command-line options, many of which are similar to rosbag:

  • -h, --help

    • Show the usage and exit.
      $ rxbag record -h
  • -s SEC, --start=SEC

    • Start SEC seconds into the bag files
      $ rxbag -s 10

    --record <topic-names>

    • Record to a bag file.
      $ rxbag --record tf wide_stereo/left/image_rect_color

    -a, --all

    • Record all topics.
      $ rxbag --record -a

      Note that newly published topics are discovered by periodically polling the master. rxbag record -a will likely miss initial messages published on any topic.

    -e, --regex

    • Match topics using regular expressions.
      $ rxbag --record -e "/(.*)_stereo/(left|right)/image_rect_color"

    -o PREFIX, --output-prefix=PREFIX

    • Prepend PREFIX to beginning of bag name before date stamp.
      $ rxbag --record -o session1 /chatter

    -O NAME, --output-name=NAME

    • Record to bag with name NAME.bag.
      $ rxbag --record -O session2_090210.bag /chatter

    -l NUM, --limit=NUM

    • Only record NUM messages on each topic.
      $ rxbag --record -l 1000 /chatter

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