Starting with C-Turtle, gazebo will no longer require environment variables: LD_LIBRARY_PATH, GAZEBO_MEDIA_PATH and OGRE_RESOURCE_PATH. We are switching to using pluginlib to setup the corresponding resource variables.

Ogre Resource Path

From C-Turtle and on, the gazebo binary automatically looks for ogre package path, so nothing needs to be specified by the user.

Gazebo Media Path

Gazebo automatically looks in subdirectory Media/* for resource files, e.g.:

  • Media/models - model mesh files

  • Media/materials/textures - ogre texture files

  • Media/materials/scripts - ogre material scripts

  • Media/materials/programs - ogre shading programs

As of C-Turtle release, any package that exports gazebo_media_path to gazebo, and has direct dependency on gazebo, i.e. manifest.xml contains these lines

 <depend package="gazebo"/>
   <gazebo gazebo_media_path="${prefix}" />

Then, the package's subdirectories Media/* will be automatically searched for gazebo materials, textures and meshes.

Gazebo Plugins Path

As of C-Turtle release, any package that exports plugin_path to gazebo, will be included in the search path for simulator plugins. For example gazebo_plugins exports the following gazebo tag with plugin_path attribute in its manifest:

  •   <export>
        <gazebo plugin_path="${prefix}/lib" />

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