What To Do When Encountering Errors Running Gazebo Simulator

If you encounter an error running gazebo related software, please attempt the following steps first:

When filing a ticket or asking a question on answers.ros.org, please include the following information if possible:

  • OS you are using (e.g. Ubuntu Precise 64bit), kernel version (execute uname -a) if you are on a linux system.

  • Graphics card and graphics card driver version.
  • Please include the version of simulator_gazebo you are running by executing:
    cat `rosstack find simulator_gazebo`/CMakeLists.txt

    and look for the version number inside rosbuild_make_distribution(X.X.X).

  • To help potential answering party trace and debug the issue, please include any additional information such as:
    • Post any console outputs related to the error (be generous in copying and pasting what might be relevant to the problem).
    • Obtain a gdb backtrace for the segmentation fault.
    • In general, a way for potential reviewers to reproduce the problem will be helpful.


Lastly, here are some of the common errors in older releases of simulator_gazebo prior to Electric.

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