The Skin Configuration Interface

The skin_config node starts the Skin Configuration Interface as displayed below.


It communicates with the skin_serv Service of the skin_driver node and can be used to reconfigure the following settings of the skin driver:

  1. Number of sensor elements: Enter the number of connected sensor elements and press set to save.

  2. Static Threshold: Enter the static threshold. Default: 10. (relevant only for "Go"/"NoGo" detection). If a new threshold is entered also enter range of sensor ids to which the new threshold should be applied to.

  3. Dynamic Threshold: Enter the dynamic threshold. Default: 64. (relevant only for "Go"/"NoGo" detection).

The two command buttons on the bottom of the window have the following functionality:

  1. Ram to Flash: Save the config to the Ram of the Skin's hardware interface. This config will be loaded when the skin is reset at power up.

  2. Init Skin: Initialize skin and set "Ini" values to current "X" values. This is needed to calibrate the skin.



The skin_config_interface node provides a graphical user interface to configure the Bosch skin. It communicates with the skin_driver node via the skin_serv service.

Subscribed Topics

skin_driver/skin_data (skin_driver/skin_meas)
  • Raw skin measurement with configuration data


skin_driver/skin_serv (skin_driver/skin_serv)
  • Service to reconfigure skin

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