The stair-step-detector allows the detection of stair steps using a LiDAR depth camera. Currently, the Intel RealSense L515 is supported (see below, hardware requirements).
The repository contains packages for ROS2 Galactic Geochelone:


- stair-step-detector node, publishes stairs messages


- message definition of the stairs data


- example subscriber to stairs messages


- offers something for the eye via RViz

The _pkg's are essentially small Python scripts. The actual detector is written in C++ and has no dependencies on ROS.

Hardware Requirements

The stair-step-detector requires a depth camera. It was developed and tested using the RealSense L515. It can be adapted to use a different depth camera. The effort involved depends on the features of this camera. The adaptation is relative easy if the camera (or the SDK) had the following features:

  • delivers a point cloud in Cartesian coordinates
  • delivers the 3D spatial points for specific 2D image points*
  • additionally supplies an infrared stream*

*) required for the geometric calibration

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