1. Package Summary

This stack contains all the configuration files needed to execute the AMCL and SLAM navigation algorism in the simulation.

2. Modes

2.1. Local navigation

The local navigation uses the odometry to locate the robot in the space. This navigation method not uses any type of map, the robot will use the sensors and the odometry to reach the target position avoiding possible obstacles.

2.2 Gmapping SLAM navigation

This method generates a map of the environment at the same time that navigates through it. The package is organized in a way that this algorithm can be used to create a map, but also to navigate through the environment while creating and updating the map.

2.3. AMCL navigation

This algorithm uses the map created in previous stage to localize. As in previous algorithm the robot is configured to be moved either by joystick or through the move_base navigation stack.

3. Startup

  1. roslaunch summit_xl_description summit_xl_office.launch to get a complete simulated Summit XL in a Robotnik environment running in Gazebo..

  2. roslaunch summit_xl_2dnav summit_xl_configuration.launch : launch an odometry node to publish the odom topic and tf

  3. roslaunch summit_xl_2dnav summit_xl_gmapping.launch : launch the gmapping algorithm

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