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Running the continual planning navigation demo

Description: This tutorial shows how to run the navigation demo for continual planning.

Keywords: continual planning, symbolic planning

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER


This tutorial shows how to launch a simple navigation demo that uses the tfd_modules symbolic planner to control a simulated PR2 in a simple office world.

Running the demo

First make sure that all packages are built:

rosmake symbolic_planning

Next launch gazebo, the PR2, and navigation:

roslaunch continual_planning_navigation_bringup nav_simple_office_diamondback.launch


roslaunch continual_planning_navigation_bringup nav_simple_office_electric.launch

Gazebo and rviz should come up showing the PR2 in a simple world.

Finally launch the continual planning executive:

roslaunch continual_planning_navigation_bringup continual-planning-navigation-simple-modular.launch

This starts the continual planning executive that will plan a path that visits nine locations (top, center, bottom) x (left, middle, right) in the world. The planner uses a module that currently queries paths from the move_base node via service calls which at this time is quite slow.

Once the path requests are through the planner starts optimizing the path. The resulting plan is then executed by the executive. After each action the executive verifies that the rest of the plan is still executable and unless a failure occurs will continue executing the path.

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