system_modes is a small ROS 2 C++ package that assumes that the ROS 2 system is built from components with a lifecycle (managed nodes). It adds a notion of (sub-)systems, hierarchically grouping these nodes, as well as a notion of modes that determine the configuration of these nodes and (sub-)systems in terms of their parameter values.

System Modes Library and Nodes

The system modes package consists of a library that parses a system modes and hierarchy model file (SHM file, yaml format). The modes specified in the SMH file extend the default ROS 2 lifecycle:


The library is able to infer the modes of a system based in the known states and modes of its nodes, which we call mode inference. Relying on this library are a mode manager node that is able to manage lifecycle states and modes of all nodes as well as a command-line mode monitor for introspection.

For more information on the model, the library, the mode manager and the mode monitor, see


The system modes examples package contains a small example actuation sub-system containing two example nodes, a drive_base node and a manipulator node. The example system allow state and mode changes of the system as well as the nodes and allows introspection of modes with the mode monitor:


For an example system and a step-by-step example, see

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