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Package Summary

The thingmagic_rfid package

  • Maintainer status: developed
  • Maintainer: Brian Bingham <briansbingham AT gmail DOT com>
  • Author: Brian Bingham <briansbingham AT gmail DOT com>
  • License: GPL
  • Source: git (branch: master)

ROS driver for thingmagic RFID serial readers using the Mercury API. Currently only supports serial/USB communications.

Supported Devices

Supports serial reader interface through the SDK. This should include the Mercury5e and Mercury6e series, USB, Vega, Micro and Nano readers. Currently only tested with the USB Pro reader.

ROS Nodes


ROS node asynchronously reports RFID tag reads.

Published Topics

rfid (std_msgs/String)
  • RFID tag identification as hex string.


port (string, default: /dev/ttyACM0)
  • Serial port.

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