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Package Summary

Tibi and Dabo are two robots based on Segway RMP200 platforms. Its main task is to provide services of information, guiding and steward to persons in urban spaces. They were originally built under the scope of the project URUS (Ubiquitous Networking Robotics in Urban Settings).

Currently, the robots are equipped with:

  • 1x Segway RMP200 mobile platform
  • 2x Onboard Industrial computers
  • 2x Hokuyo horizontal scnanning range lasers UTM-30LX-E, front and rear
  • 1x Frontal 3D laser using a mobile Hokuyo URG-04LX, under development
  • 1x PointGrey Bumblebee2 stereo vision camera
  • 1x Touchable screen
  • 2x Mobile pan and tilt arms
  • 1x Mobile 3dof neck-head
  • LED Illuminated face expressions
  • 1x Audio speaker with Loquendo speech synthesizer


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Bug reporting instructions and feedback mail address can be found at IRI Robotics Lab support page


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