drop is a ROS node that can subscribe to a topic and republish incoming data to another topic, dropping X out of every Y incoming messages. It's mainly useful for limiting bandwidth usage, e.g., over a wireless link. It can work with any message type.

drop is part of the topic_tools package.

drop Usage

drop <intopic> <X> <Y> [outtopic]

  • Subscribe to <intopic> and drop every <X> out of <Y> messages.

    • intopic: Incoming topic to subscribe to

    • X, Y: drop X out of every Y incoming messages

    • outtopic: Outgoing topic to publish on (default: %intopic%_drop, e.g. when intopic is "base_scan", then it will be base_scan_drop)

    e.g. drop every other message published to base_scan:

    rosrun topic_tools drop base_scan 1 2

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