0.3.2 (02/03/2011)

  • regenerated stack.xml

0.3.1 (01/11/2011)

  • fixed bug where trajectories with only two points were sometimes incorrectly handled

0.3.0 (12/27/2010)

  • new release from trunk into unstable
  • warning - ROS api has changed slightly, C++ api's have changed a lot

0.2.4 (06/22/2010)

  • filter server now takes joint limits first from the urdf but will override them with values from the yaml configuration file if they exist, acceleration parameters however must still be specified in yaml since they are not usually found in the urdf

0.2.3 (05/15/2010)

  • added fix for filter crash
  • Updated order on applyLinkPadding so that it's before applying ordered collisions
  • Updated constraint aware filters to support dynamic link padding
  • changed spline smoother to shortcut based on time rather than index in trajectory

0.2.2 (03/18/2010)

  • Fixed discretization big in parabolic_spline_shortcutter
  • Fixed incorrect plugin specification in spline_smoother
  • cubic_trajectory.cpp no longer wraps joint differences, added regression test for this.

0.2.1 (03/17/2010)

  • (This is an API breaking update for compatibility with ROS 1.1) - API changes are for changes in the trajectory filtering api. The FilterJointTrajectoryRequest and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraintsRequest messages have been taken out. Instead, the request is now inside the FilterJointTrajectory and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraints messages themselves.

  • A new spline shortcutter with parabolic and linear segments has been incorporated into the stack. ***Thanks to Kris Hauser from Indiana University for contributing this code under a BSD licence***

0.2.0 (03/17/2010)

  • moved trajectory_filter to trajectory_filter_server
  • everything is now templatized
  • server now offers one of two services: FilterJointTrajectory and FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraints

  • service name decided by ROS parameter
  • moved normalizers/unnormalizers into their own directory
  • renamed collision_free_trajectory_filters to constraint_aware_spline_smoother, updated spline smoother in there to only work for FilterJointTrajectoryWithConstraints

  • changed api for trajectory sampling to parameterize (trajectory,limits,spline)

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