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tug_ist_model_based_diagnosis: tug_ist_diagnosis_board | tug_ist_diagnosis_engine | tug_ist_diagnosis_generator | tug_ist_diagnosis_launch | tug_ist_diagnosis_model | tug_ist_diagnosis_msgs | tug_ist_diagnosis_observers | tug_ist_diagnosis_repair

Package Summary

This package provides planner based repair action server. It uses Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL) based planner that makes a plan for the action by using a domain and problem file. Repair Engine gets diagnosis from diagnosis engine and observations from observers and generates a problem file for the planner. Planner using domain and problem files, generates a set of action plans. Based on action plans repair engine invokes appropriate action server to stop/start a software node or shut-down/power-up a hardware device.


The repair engine takes current observations and diagnoses as input. If the repair engine receives a diagnosis message, it converts the diagnosis into to a planning problem and solves it with the help of Planning Domain Definition Language (PDDL) based planner. Currently diagnosis repair engine finds action plan for the first diagnosis.



This is planning based repair engine. It acts like a client. The server is a java based program that connects client over TCP.

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