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Starting the model based diagnosis system

Description: This tutorial describes how to setup the environment, compile the packages and run a simple example.

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE

Setting Up Environment

Use following command in .bashrc file

export CLASSPATH="$(rospack find tug_ist_diagnosis_repair)/java/classes/:$(rospack find tug_ist_diagnosis_repair)/java/source/pddl4j.jar"


Open terminal and execute the following command:

rosmake tug_ist_diagnosis_board

rosmake tug_ist_diagnosis_engine

rosmake tug_ist_diagnosis_repair

rosrun tug_ist_diagnosis_engine compile_4_java.sh

rosrun tug_ist_diagnosis_repair compile_4_java.sh


For simple example please use following commands in order in different terminals:

roslaunch tug_ist_diagnosis_launch aria.launch

check topic /aria_node_topic.

roslaunch tug_ist_diagnosis_launch laser.launch

roslaunch tug_ist_diagnosis_launch observers.launch

roslaunch tug_ist_diagnosis_launch diagnosis_model.launch

roslaunch tug_ist_diagnosis_launch diagnosis_engine.launch

roslaunch tug_ist_diagnosis_launch action_servers.launch

roslaunch tug_ist_diagnosis_launch diagnosis_repair.launch

Now everything should be consistent and working. To check the system functionality just apply following command in separate terminal:

rosnode kill /aria 

This will kill the node,observers will publish not ok on /observations topic, diagnosis engine will publish diagnosis on /diagnosis topic. you can check it by "rostopic echo /diagnosis" command. Repair engine will execute start action server to start aria node. Again /diagnosis topic will publish new diagnosis after start of aria node automatically.

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