1.9.2 (2013-01-21)

  • panorama app fixed and cleaned.

1.9.1 (2013-01-02)

  • removed all base specificity from turtlebot apps.
  • remove web app mjpeg_server dependency from android_teleop.
  • groovy navigation working, both on pc and on android.
  • making use of a centralised mux.
  • reintegrate the nodelet and remove a hardcoded topic.
  • follower android app working.
  • apps now use optional depth processing/registration in 3dsensor.
  • centralised smoother parameters.
  • saner acceleration and timeout for teleop.
  • new icon added for several applications.
  • created xbox360 teleop launcher, deleted generic joystick launcher.
  • disabled the safety controller (for now), as it is not very practical.
  • new create and kobuki teleop apps.

1.9.0 (2012-12-21)

  • first groovy release.

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