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TurtleBot in Stage Simulator

Description: How to start turtlebot stage simulation

Keywords: turtlebot stage simulator

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

Next Tutorial: Customizing the Stage Simulator

Easy simulation to test TurtleBot 2D navigation


This instruction will guide to start TurtleBot in Stage simulation. Stage is a 2-D multi-robot simulator. It simulates a world as defined in a .world file. This file tells stage everything about the world, from obstacles (usually represented via a bitmap to be used as a kind of background), to robots and other objects

Installation Instructions

Follow the same instructions for the turtlebot debian install or source install.


It starts up stage simulator with turtlebot and rviz. Click 2D Nav Goal and command robot to navigate any location in the map.

 > roslaunch turtlebot_stage turtlebot_in_stage.launch


What Next?

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