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Teleoperate a Turtlebot with the PS3 Joystick

Description: Teleoperate a Turtlebot with the PS3 Joystick

Tutorial Level: BEGINNER

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  1. Overview


In order to teleop the turtlebot with a PS3 joystick, you will need a PS3 joystick, a USB bluetooth receiver and a USB A to micro B cable. The first step is to pair the joystick with the receiver. Once the joystick is paired, you can launch the teleop launch file. Unless you pair the joystick with another device, it should remain paired.

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If your turtlebot is not working on melodic yet, you can find a list of the necessary packages in the rc_visard_turtlebot_tutorial-repository


Ubuntu 18.04 is able to pair your ps3-controller without addtional software. You just need to connect it to your computer and connect it using Bluetooth. After that you can unplug it and reconnect it by pressing the ps3-button for a few seconds.


  1. Using SSH, open a console on the turtlebot.
  2. Run the command:
     roslaunch turtlebot_teleop ps3_teleop.launch
  3. The robot is now ready to teleop. Press a button to wake up the joystick and depress the ps3-button. While depressing the ps3-button, move the left analog joystick to control the robot.

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