udp_proxy_generator generates ros to multicast proxies.

Generating Proxies

In order to generate a proxy follow these steps:

  • Create a new package,
  • Add a dependency to udp_proxy_generator,
  • Include the cmake file: rosbuild_include(udp_proxy_generator udp)

  • Call rosbuild_make_udpProxy() from within your cmake file.

  • Add a file named relayMsgs.conf into the root directory of your package. An example is provided in the example directory.

  • Compile your package.

Using Proxies

The generated proxy uses Castor to read multicast address and port from a configuration file called UdpProxy.conf. An example can be found in the package example directory.

It looks for this file in ES_ROOT/etc/hostname/, ES_ROOT/etc/ROBOT/, and ES_ROOT/etc/ in this sequence.

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