Other Vicon Packages

There are some other packages with different capabilities; it is recommended that you also consider these in light of your own project's needs:

  • vicon_bridge - A fork of vicon_mocap with some additional capabilities, e.g. multiple subjects/segments. Like vicon_mocap, it uses the DataStream SDK to access the data.

  • vicon - This package appears to implement its own TCP interface to the Vicon host.



Driver for using data from VICON motion capture system. This driver was geared initially towards tracking a single rigid body (one VICON 'Segment'), but has been extended to include tracking of individual marker locations. It requires the VICON DataStream SDK library to be installed.

Published Topics

~output (geometry_msgs/TransformStamped)
  • Transforms for the segment being tracked.
~markers (vicon_mocap/Markers)
  • Marker positions.


~grab_vicon_pose (vicon_mocap/viconGrabPose)
  • Take N consecutive measurements of a specified segment, return the average of these.


~stream_mode (str, default: "ClientPullPreFetch")
  • Streaming mode. Possible values: "ServerPush", "ClientPull", "ClientPullPreFetch".
~datastream_hostport (str, default: "")
  • Hostname or IP address and port, e.g.
~subject_name (str, default: "")
  • Name of VICON Subject to track.
~segment_name (str, default: "")
  • Name of VICON Segment to track.
~update_rate (double, default: 100)
  • Rate in Hz at which to publish output.
~vicon_capture_rate (double, default: 50)
  • Rate in Hz at which VICON system is capturing data.
~tf_ref_frame_id (str, default: "/enu")
  • Reference frame for broadcast TF transforms.
~tf_tracked_frame_id (str, default: "/pelican1/flyer_vicon")
  • ID of tracked frame in broadcast TF transforms.
~time_bias_reset (double, default: 0.05)
  • Maximum offset between current clock time and time based on time_datum + framenumber*(1/vicon_capture_rate). If the offset becomes greater than the time_bias_reset value then time_datum is set to the current time.
~enable_tf_broadcast (bool, default: false)
  • When true, broadcast TF transforms for the tracked segment.

Provided tf Transforms

  • Transform of tracked segment (note: only published if ~enable_tf_broadcast is set).

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