1.7.7 (2012-01-27)

  • rviz

    • Removed top-level exception catching so debugger gives useful stack traces.
    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg 1039)>> add home-position button. I called it 'Zero'.

    • Renamed grid_test.cpp,h to render_points_test.cpp,h to avoid conflicting include directives from older ogre_tools package.
    • Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5310)>> keyboard input to properties sometimes ignored.

1.7.6 (2012-01-25)

  • Updated python sip configuration makefile to use rospack to get include/lib directories

1.7.5 (2012-01-24)

  • Moved most of ogre_tools into rviz. This helps decouple visualization from visualization_common and should prevent many future recompiles of ogre.

  • Changed API of rviz::RenderPanel class. This breaks plugins using RenderPanel, but should simplify them.

  • Changed API of rviz::Display. target_frame_ was never used (correctly) so has been eliminated. A default implementation for fixedFrameChanged() was added so Display subclasses don't need to implement it with an empty function.
  • Python support for sip-generated (PyQt) bindings added.

  • Added support for Qt widget plugin classes. Subclasses of rviz::Panel can now be loaded from the panels->add new panel menu directly, instead of requiring a Display create them.

1.7.4 (2012-01-14)

  • added missing header
  • rviz: attempt to fix bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5305)>>, color chooser and ros topic chooser properties don't work on mac.

  • rviz: Fixed bug <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5337)>>: automatic throttling for GridCells display.

  • rviz: fixed crash in choose-master.py script.
  • rviz: first pass at a fix for <<Ticket(ros-pkg 5324))>> - ability to choose ROS master at run-time. Current version is wrapper python script in scripts/choose-master.py and associated changes to rviz application source. Currently works for a few cycles, then the wrapper seg-faults.

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