0.1.0 (2011-11-11)

  • rviz_qt

    • First public release.
  • Structural changes since rviz 1.6:

    • Widget library changed from wxWidgets to Qt.
    • Custom plugin code based on wxWidgets functions replaced with pluginlib.

    • GUI side of property system ported from wxPropGrid to a new scheme based on QTreeWidget.
    • Config file reading and writing ported from wxWidgets functions to a newly-written "Config" class.
    • ogre_tools code to set up Ogre render windows now happens in the widget's showEvent() call instead of in the constructor.

  • User-visible GUI changes since rviz 1.6:

    • The "plugins" menu is gone. Plugins are now always autoloaded, and there is no way to unload them once loaded.
    • Multiple displays can be selected at the same time, by dragging the left button across their entries, or by using shift-left-click to select a range or control-left-click to toggle the selection of a single display.
      • When any displays are selected, they can be deleted by clicking the "remove" button.
      • When any displays are selected, they can be re-ordered by dragging the group to a different place in the list.
    • When a single display is selected, it can be renamed by clicking the "rename" button. This, together with drag-and-drop of display entries, replaces the "manage" button and dialog.
    • Editable enum properties (text edit with drop-down) now feature auto-complete when you type into them (this is built into Qt).
    • When you rearrange the GUI panels (Displays, Tool Properties, Views, Selection, and Camera or Image displays) you now have the option of dragging them on top of each other, resulting in a tab-bar at the bottom to choose which one to show. This is nice to keep rarely-used panels out of the way but easily accessible. This is also just part of Qt by default.

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