We haven't opened this up yet, but some broader design goals have been added to the Ros on Windows Proposal page.



  • Python create-pkg tools - winros_create_xxx_pkg for cpp, py, msg.

  • Python workspace tools - winros_init_workspace, winros_init_build, winros_make.

  • Replacement for rosrun

  • Catkin upgrade for msvc sdk 7.1 - port big changes to catkin, upgrade rosdeps.


  • Catkin for mingw

  • Catkin for msvc

  • Msvc runtime with rosmaster/rosparam support

  • Msvc sdk for non-ros style development

  • Ports - ros, ros_comm, genxxx, actionlib

  • Roscd environment - on hold.

  • Standalone msvc message generators

  • Ports - tf, and diagnostic tools - on hold.

  • Mingw support for Qt via qt_ros

  • CMake generator support for visual studio and express - on hold.


  • Cmake build environment with rosbuild2

  • Port ros/ros_comm to the visual studio compiler


  • Ros cpp clients via mingw cross compiler

  • Cross platfrom qt standalone apps via mingw cross compiler

  • Minimal runtime via mingw (rosmaster, rosparam, rosout, roslaunch)

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