Currently not using.

Install apps and their dependencies for win_ros.

The potential is good - it is python based and can work from the command line (~apt-get). It is very rough around the edges as is, but could be stripped back and made robust enough to be a worthwhile rosdep implementation. Whether we really push in this direction or not will be pending somewhat on what windows 8 brings to the table with it's idea of an app market.



Quite a few. Use win_ros' github to post bug reports.


  • Use the gui's 'Rescan' button alot, it gets confused quite easily.

  • Command line 'appupdater --update' doesn't seem to refresh the app list. Use the gui's download function instead.

  • Gui's 'Install' or the command line '--install' are unattended installation modes (silent). These are not available for all programs and it also fails badly if a dependency doesn't have unattended mode. In general, 'Install Manually' or '--install --no-silent' will be guaranteed to work.

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