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lse_anemometer_drivers: windsonic

Package Summary

A ROS node to provide access to Gill Instruments Windsonic, an ultrasonic wind sensor.

Supported Hardware

This driver should work with the RS232 version of the Windsonic. The RS422/485 versions are not supported by this package.



windsonic_node is a driver for the RS232 version of the Windsonic ultrasonic wind sensor.

Published Topics

wind (lse_sensor_msgs/Anemometer)
  • Wind speed and direction data from the anemometer.


~port (string, default: /dev/ttyUSB0)
  • The port where the Windsonic can be found.
~baudrate (int, default: 38400)
  • The baudrate of the Windsonic.
~frame_id (string, default: /base_anemometer)
  • The frame id of the anemometer sensor.

Communication Protocol Documentation

  • The Windsonic protocol is described in this document.

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