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Overall, pretty good. It answers my original complaints with the pr2.xml syntax with respect to templates not really being templates as they did not have variables. This is very similar to the Apache ant spec, at least with respect to defining and instantiating variables. The main things I would consider:

  • Removing the 'def' prefix. Everything is a definition -- the macros and the const aren't special in this regard.
  • Consider putting the Xacro tags in a xacro namespace, if we expect to be able to use Xacro as a pre-processor for other ROS/PR2-related XML files.
  • Possibly rename 'const' to 'property' so that it will, in fact, be identical to the Apache ant syntax. Regardless, it should only be called 'const' if it is truly const -- i.e. if it can have a default value that can be overridden, then it should not be a const.
    • One argument against calling it 'property' is that the Apache 'property' tag also allows 'location', 'url', 'file', and 'resource' attributes to initialize instead.

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