X-Series Robot Turrets are high resolution pan and tilt kits built around the high performance DYNAMIXEL X-Series smart servos from Robotis. The turrets are ideal for applications utilizing vision tracking or cameras.


Packages were tested on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 & 20.04 using ROS Melodic and ROS Noetic respectively. Communication with the robot is done over USB via the U2D2. This device converts USB signals to TTL which allows a computer to 'talk' with each of the Dynamixel servo motors that make up each robot. The ROS nodes were written in C++ with a couple nodes written in Python. However, any programming language capable of sending ROS messages can be used to control the robots. To that effect, the core packages that make up this repo are as follows:

Finally, there is also an interbotix_xsturret_examples directory containing various examples of how the above mentioned core packages can be used.

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