SIG Coordinator: Jack O'Quin

Topics: driver packaging, sensor_msgs, dynamic_reconfigure


  • Jack O'Quin
  • Chad Rockey
  • Eric Perko
  • Ken Tossell
  • Ze'ev Klapow

Mailing List:

Old Mailing list:

Proposed new features

  • Eliminate packaging impediments to writing drivers with minimal dependencies. It should be possible to release driver stacks that can run on headless systems without installing heavy dependencies like X11.

  • dynamic_reconfigure

    • Possible enhancements, including the Parameter Groups Proposal, and <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3617)>>

      • There are some changes by Ben Ballard to support <<Ticket(ros-pkg 3617)>> in the dynamic_reconfigure master, but we'll obviously need to test them and have the dynamic_reconfigure maintainer get them in an updated release for Groovy

    • C++ Client API (To resolve having to call command line from code.)

    • separate GUI from driver service components Kforge ticket #3

  • camera_drivers

    • Camera namespace changes, REP approval needed. (Jack): No REP draft is currently available. Unless someone volunteers to move it forward, I doubt this will go into Groovy.

  • sensor_msgs

    • Add an informational GPS message that contains Satellite Counts, etc?

      • This should just be informational diagnostics. Not done.
    • Submit patches to consumers of gps_common/GPSFix to convert to sensor_msgs/NavSatFix if possible.

  • laser_drivers

    • Unary stack packaging, see REP-0109

      • Holding off until Catkin settles. Mostly done for Hydro.
    • Need a new REP or interface for multi-echo lasers.
    • Need to support ethernet hokuyos. Either through new package or updating hokuyo_node.

      • Depends on multi-echo.
      • No test hardware (maybe for Hydro).
    • Need a new package for the SICK 100 and 500 series.\

      • Depends on multi-echo.
      • No test hardware (maybe for Hydro).
  • imu_drivers

    • Unary stack packaging, see REP-0109

      • Holding off until Catkin settles. Done for hydro.
  • diagnostics

  • gps_drivers (Eric: Delayed until H-Turtle... not going to be able to get to this before the feature freeze)

    • Update nmea_gps_driver to read from a string topic for more compatibility (see gpsdrivers ticket #3)

    • Update nmea_gps_driver to support synchronization of multiple sentences in order to pull the best data available for constructing the output messages

    • Migrate to Github
    • gpsd_client isn't on Github. Need to ask Ken to move it.
    • Catkinize.


Release date (2012-12-31)

  • Actual release date

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