This is a repository for Robot Operating System (ROS) related open source code produced by research labs at Georgia Tech. All code within this repository is released under the New BSD license with permission from the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC) as obtained by each contributing lab. This repository is a place for ROS code from theHealthcare Robotics Lab, the Socially Intelligent Machines Lab, the Humanoid Robotics Lab, and the Human-Automation Systems Lab. Each lab has a designated folder within the repository that holds the lab's contributions. Our code has moved from Google Code and is now hosted on GitHub: home page

Robots Using ROS: Assistive Robots at Georgia Tech's Healthcare Robotics Lab

Notable Packages


  • hrl_rfid: UHF RFID Thing Magic M5e and M5e-Compact UHF RFID Reader Interface Lib.

  • force_torque: ATI nano 25 FT sensor, and AMTI HE6x6 force plate.

  • hrl_camera: interfaces for accessing cameras from Python.

  • hrl_tilting_hokuyo: Python code to use a Robotis servo to tilt a Hokuyo to get 3D point clouds.

  • pan_tilt_robotis: Code to combine two Robotis servos to form a Pan Tilt Unit (for a stereo camera.)

  • phantom_omni: ROS Node for Sensable Phantom Omni devices.

  • robotis: designed to operate, query, and control Robotis Dynamixel 'smart' Servos using a USB2Dynamixel adaptor. It has been tested on the RX-28 and RX-64 servo variants.

  • ros_vrpn_client: ROS wrapper for Virtual Reality Peripheral Networks (VRPN) client.

  • zenither: Code to control an Animatics Smart Servo. We use the Animatics servos to control Festo linear actuators.


  • assistive_teleop: A web-based GUI designed to allow motor-impaired users to operate a PR2.

  • hrl_lib: Home for a useful set of miscellaneous python modules, each too small to warrant having their own package.

  • laser_interface: Detector that finds laser points in the world representing clicks.

  • pr2_laser_follow_behavior: In this demo, the PR2 tracks the detected laser point using its pan-tilt then navigates towards it when the user double clicks the selected point.

  • stereo_anaglyph: Display images from stereo pairs in red-cyan anaglyph mode.

  • pr2_omni_teleop: Integrated package that allowing PR2 teleoperation using two Phantom Omni's and the stereo_anaglyph viewer.

  • pr2_playpen: Code and hardware design for the robot playpen for high throughput data collection of object manipulation.

  • UI_segment_object: Simple user interface for designating a 2D area in an image and processing the projected 3D point cloud from a Kinect contained in that area.

  • trf_learn: A package for learning task relevant features. Contain behaviors for operating flip style light switches, rocker style light switches, and drawers.

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