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Getting Started with a RealMan Robot

Description: This tutorial guides you through the process of establishing contact between ROS and a RealMan Robot

Tutorial Level: INTERMEDIATE


In order to complete this tutorial, you should have access to the following:

  1. A computer with ROS installed (Melodic)
  2. Package rm_robot

This particular tutorial was tested on a RealMan robotic manipulator. The operating system based on Ubuntu 18.04.


The rm_robot metapackage communicates with hardware via Ethernet connection.

Install necessary software

Catkin workspace

There are releases available for ROS Indigo. However, for the latest features and developments you might want to install from source.

  1. First set up a catkin workspace (see http://wiki.ros.org/catkin/Tutorials).

  2. Then clone the [https://github.com/RealManRobot/rm_robot] repository into the src/folder. Make sure to select the applicable branch before cloning (e.g. Indigo). It should look like /home/your/catkin_ws/src/rm_robot.

  3. In order to compile the package successfully, you need to install some packages related to MoveIt package.

  4. Make sure to source the correct setup file according to your workspace hierarchy, then use catkin build to compile(You should compile rm_msgs first before compiling the source code).
    •    $catkin build rm_msgs
         $catkin build

Move robot

Using MoveIt! with simulated robot in Gazebo

  1. Before running, you need to modify rm_65_moveit_config/launch/rm_65_moveit_controller_manager.launch.xml and load controllers_gazebo.yaml.
  2. Use MoveIt in RVIZ to control the simulated robot in Gazeboļ¼Œrun:

    •    $roslaunch rm_gazebo arm_65_bringup_moveit.launch
  3. Then select and move the end-effector to a new goal. "Interact".
  4. In -> to send trajectory to the sim robot "Motion Planning" "Plan and Execute".

  5. Exit RViz and Ctrl-C the Terminal window.

MoveIt!use ros control with a real robot

  1. Start the rm_control node, run:
    •   $roslaunch rm_control rm_control.launch
  2. Start the rm_driver and MoveIt!, run:

    •   $roslaunch rm_bringup rm_robot.launch
  3. Select in rviz and move the end-effector to a new goal. "Interact"
  4. In -> to send trajectory to the real robot "Motion Planning" "Plan and Execute".

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