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The 2dnav_pr2 application makes use of the navigation stack to drive a PR2 robot from one place to another while avoiding obstacles. The application comes with a default configuration that should work well for navigation in a typical office environment. However, the navigation stack exposes many parameters exposed to the user that can be used to tune the navigation stack for a more specific task. For example, one user might want to optimize the behavior of the robot to stay as far away from obstacles as possible and another might want to sacrifice this behavior to handle tight spaces more effectively. To this end, a number of alternate parameter configurations have been included in the 2dnav_pr2 application allowing users of the application to chose the flavor of navigation that best fits their particular task.

该2dnav_pr2应用程序使用了 navigation stack 从一个地方驾驶PR2机器人到另一个,同时避免障碍。该应用程序自带的默认配置,能很好地在典型的办公环境中进行导航。然而,导航功能包集暴露给用户许多参数,参数可以用于调整导航功能包集的更具体的任务。例如,一个用户可能希望优化机器人的行为停留在尽可能远离障碍物的位置,而另一个可能要牺牲这种优化从而能更有效地处理狭窄的空间。为此,一些替代的参数配置已经包括在2dnav_pr2应用,这个应用允许用户能够选择最适合其特定任务的导航参数。

For the PR2, there are a number of packages besides the navigation stack itself that are essential to navigation. For example, the "pr2_mechanism_controllers" package contains the low-level controllers needed to convert velocity commands for the base to motor commands and to actuate the tilting laser not present on other robots. This application also encapsulates all the PR2 specific dependencies needed to run the navigation stack on the robot.





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