Book Title: ROS Robotics By Example

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  title     = {ROS Robotics By Example},
  author    = {Fairchild, Carol and Harman, Dr. Thomas},
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  • ROS distribution: Indigo

  • Programming language: Python

  • Content:

    The visionaries who created ROS developed a framework for robotics centered on the commonality of robotic systems and exploited this commonality in ROS to expedite the development of future robotic systems.
    From the fundamental concepts to advanced practical experience, this book will provide you with an incremental knowledge of the ROS framework, the backbone of the robotics evolution. ROS standardizes many layers of robotics functionality from low-level device drivers to process control to message passing to software package management.

    This book provides step-by-step examples for the two-armed robot Baxter, the mobile robot TurtleBot, and the flying robots Crazyflie and Bebop. These robot examples describes the ROS implementation as the basic model for other robots of these types. By controlling these robots, whether in simulation or in reality, you will use ROS to drive, move, and fly robots using ROS control.

    What You Will Learn

    • Get to know the fundamentals of ROS and apply its concepts to real robot examples
    • Control a mobile robot to navigate autonomously in an environment
    • Model your robot designs using URDF and Xacro, and operate them in a ROS Gazebo simulation
    • Control Baxter's 7 degree-of-freedom robot arms for visual servoing
    • Fly a quadcopter to autonomous waypoints
    • Gain working knowledge of ROS tools such as Gazebo, rviz, rqt, and Move-It
    • Control robots with mobile devices and controller boards


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