This is a page to share books that provide documentation and tutorials for ROS. Additionally, they might come with open source code.

When adding publications please:

  • add them in the descending order of their publication date. In case where the publication date is the same please use alphabetical order to avoid bias).
  • add ROS distribution that your publication is based on by their initials.

  • add programming languages that your publication mainly covers.

Books currently listed

  1. MasteringROSforRoboticsProgramming (2015-12, IJ, C++)

  2. Programming_Robots_with_ROS (2015-12, I, Python)

  3. ROS_Robot_Programming_Japanese japanese (2015-11, I, C++)

  4. LearningROSforRoboticsProgramming_second_edition (2015-08, HIJ, C++)

  5. Robot Programming by ROS Japanese (2015-06, I, C++ & Python)

  6. LearningRoboticsUsingPython (2015-05, IJ, Python)

  7. ROS_Robot_Programming Korean (2015-03, I, C++)

  8. ROSBook_KR korean (2014-12, I, C++)

  9. ROSbyExampleVol2 (2014, HI, Python)

  10. AGentleIntroductiontoROS (2013-10, G, C++)

  11. AGentleIntroductiontoROS_Chinese chinese (2013-10, I, C++)

  12. LearningROSforRoboticsProgramming (2013-09, FG, C++)

  13. ROSbyExample (2013, GH, Python)


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