Clearpath Robotics provides unmanned vehicles, systems and solutions to industry leaders in over 35 countries around the world. We enable innovation through open-source initiatives and champion ROS through the design of our robotic platforms. Clearpath is a one-stop source for reliable autonomous solutions - including our rugged unmanned vehicle platforms - and your unmanned expert ...boldly going where no robot has gone before!

To learn more about our solutions, unique culture, or how to join our team, visit clearpathrobotics.com.

We maintain and contribute to a bunch of ROS software, especially the low level drivers available with our platforms. For assistance with Clearpath platforms or software, please visit http://support.clearpathrobotics.com

To get a quick start with ROS, please see here: http://www.clearpathrobotics.com/blog/how-to-guide-ros-101/


Each of our robots have ROS drivers and packages associated with them, please check out the robot pages for more details.





Husky UGV

Warthog UGV

Heron USV

Jackal UGV


The following are packages we are actively supporting in addition to those packages directly associated with our platforms.


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