This driver is regularly tested with the following devices:

It has also been successfully used with Blackfly, Flea3, and others.


Install from apt, refresh udev:

sudo apt-get install ros-$ROS_DISTRO-pointgrey-camera-driver

List detected cameras:

rosrun pointgrey_camera_driver list_cameras

Launch camera:

roslaunch pointgrey_camera_driver bumblebee.launch
roslaunch pointgrey_camera_driver camera.launch

When multiple Point Grey cameras are in use at a time, specify the serial number given by list_cameras:

roslaunch pointgrey_camera_driver camera.launch camera_serial:=12345678


Until better documentation is produced, please see the PointGrey.cfg file for the available parameters.


When using Point Grey's GigE cameras, you may experience an issue with dropped packets which results in IMAGE_CONSISTENCY_ERROR being thrown by the FlyCapture2 SDK. You can adjust the receive buffer settings in Linux using sysctl to correct this. See this knowledge base article from Point Grey for more details.

Similarly, multiple USB cameras may require raising the amount of memory allocated to the USB subsystem. The usbcore variable usbfs_memory_mb should be set suitably large. This application note describes two common ways of setting it, via the kernel command line (edit /boot/grub.conf), or module loading (modprobe usbcore usbfs_memory_mb=1024 for current session, or adding options usbcore usbfs_memory_mb=1000 to an appropriate /etc/modprobe.d file). It should also be settable at runtime via /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb

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