Mini-Lab desktop files


In this section we will give an overview of the Mini-Lab visualization files with RViz.

How to visualize the Mini-Lab?

To simulate the Mini-Lab on RViz write this command:

$ roslaunch minilab_launch minilab_gazebo.launch

You should have a similair output:


Afterwards you have to launch the robot state publisher launch file. This package ensures to publish the state of the simulated robot to tf. Afterwards all the other nodes using tf could have an updated state of the robot's position.

$ roslaunch minilab_launch minilab_state_publisher.launch

You should have an output similair to the screenshot below:


The screenshot shows all the tf's of the frames of the robot. You can visualize the tf needed such as (depth camera, laser, base_link...)

What next?

Customizing the simulation environment

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