Mini-Lab autonomous navigation


In this section we will present the autonomous navigation package of the Mini-Lab. After building the environment map, the robot will be capable of reaching navigations goals inside the map and avoid static and dynamic obstacles.

Mapping Launch procedure

The navigation routine is capable of moving the robot to a specific coordinates in the map. The following command will launch all node needed for the navigation of Minilab.

$ roslaunch minilab_launch minilab_launch.launch
$ roslaunch minilab_launch minilab_state_publisher.launch
$ roslaunch minilab_navigation minilab_navigation_sim.launch

When Rviz start, the following configuration is already loaded:

~/catkin_ws/src/ minilab/minilab_navigation/config/rviz/navigation.rviz

The right position of the robot is set for "buvette" map .if you change the map, follow the next instructions:

We can see that Minilab in Gazebo and in Rviz are in a different position.

Use the 2D pose Estimate Button to correct the position of the robot.

To move to a specific point use the 2D Nav Goal Button.

The robot will create its own directory according to the map and obstacles. You should observe the movement of the robot’s model on Rviz and Gazebo.

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