This example shows how to launch move_base, a navigation node.

All examples are independent. Please be aware that your previous demonstration has to be stopped before starting a new one

The navigation routine allows to move the robot to a specific point in the map taking into consideration the obstacles. The following instruction launches the navigation demo for Mini-Lab:

$ roslaunch minilab_demo_simulation minilab_demo_navigation.launch

STEP 1 : Use the 2D pose Estimate Button to correct the position of the robot.

Figure 1 : Robot lost


Figure 2 : Select a 2D pose estimate


STEP 2 : To move to a specific point use the 2D Nav Goal Button.

Figure 3 : Select a 2D pose goal


STEP 3 : Mini-Lab should start to move, following the path found

Figure 4 : Path found in Rviz


Figure 5 : The robot model in Gazebo should follow the same path as in Rviz.



CTRL+C in your terminal to stop this example.

All demonstrations are independent, you have to stop this demonstration before starting a new one.

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