This page explains how to configure your workstation to control the Mini-Lab

Pair your robot with your worksation

  • First you need to connect the workstation to your Mini-Lab's WIFI that should look like ML-201412-006
  • Then you need to know what your IP is. To do so you can use the command "ifconfig"
  •          $ ifconfig
    • You should see your adress in wlan topic after "inet adr:"
  • And what your robot's IP is. The address starts with and finishes with your model's number, in our case ML-201412-006. So in this example the robot address is

  • You can ping this address to be sure everything is going well so far.
  • Now that you know the IPs, we can configure the ros parameters. Open a new terminal and run the following commands but don't forget to replace by your addresses:
  •          $ echo "export ROS_MASTER_URI=" >> ~/.bashrc
             $ echo "export ROS_IP=" >> ~/.bashrc
    • In this example the MASTER is the Mini-Lab ( and the workstation IP is

Start your Mini-Lab topics

  • To have access to the Mini-Lab's topics you need run the following commands:
  •          $ ssh user@
    • Don't forget to replace by your Mini-Lab's IP
    • This command start a ssh communication with the Mini-Lab
  •          $ roslaunch minilab_launch minilab_driver_hokuyo.launch
    • This command start drivers to control the motors and the lidar
  • If you run the command "$ rostopic list" in a new terminal you should see all the topics published by your Mini-Lab.


CTRL+C in your terminal to stop this example.

All demonstrations are independent, you have to stop this demonstration before starting a new one.

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