0x Series Robots by Nex Robotics

0x series robots (pronounced as Ox) are the most versatile, accurate and durable mobile robotics platforms by Nex Robotics. ros0xrobot node provides ROS interface for robot bases in 0x series. The ROS interface is supported by 0xRobotCpp library from Nex Robotics. Different robots in 0x series can be controlled by using different configuration files. Information from the robot base, velocity and acceleration control, is implemented via a ros0xrobot node, which publishes topics providing data received from the robot's embedded controller by 0xRobotCpp library, and sets desired velocity, acceleration and other commands in robot when new commands are received from command topics.

Available Robots




Reporting bugs and making feature requests

Bugs and requests can be reported here: <support AT nex-robotics DOT com>

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