Commonplace Robotics SRA Service Robot Arm

SRA Service Robot Arm

ROS Software Maintainer:

The Commonplace Robotics SRA Service Robot Arm is a light robot arm for mobile applications, but provides a large reach and good payload. The arm works on 24V supply, control computer and motor electronics are integrated in the arm. ROS packages establish the hardware interface, provide and RViz teleop plugin and MoveIt functionality.

Further information on the robots:


The packages have been developed and tested on ROS Jade / Ubuntu 14.04. Adaptions are currently made files are uploaded Oct. 7th, 2016!

Please see the PDF in the cpr_sra package /doc folder:

Library Overview

Basic Configuration


ROS package/stack

Main loop and hardware interfaces

RViz plugin and geometry data

MoveIt examples

under development, please get in contact

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