Robotnik RB-1 BASE



The RB-1 BASE mobile robot is a robot platform designed for indoor applications. The mobile robot can carry different loads or materials and can integrate other components or platforms such as a robotic arm or a torso.

RB-1 BASE can integrate a wide number of laser range finders with operation distances from 5 to 30-60 meters. RGBD sensors (Asus Xtion, Kinect One, etc.) can be mounted on the top of the platform for the detection of obstacles. The standard configuration integrates the UST-20LX sensor and the Orbbec Astra sensor.

The robot is able to detect obstacles in two different ways, by RGBD sensor installed and by the laser sensor that is used for navigation and positioning. In both cases, the robot can either stop or find an alternative route to avoid the obstacle and reach the next waypoint.

The software includes a control system, a tracking system laser-based, a navigation system and a user interface HMI (basic).

The location and navigation components are standard packages that are configured to suit the application. The software for the low-level control system is supplied with the platform.

As all Robotnik robots, RB-1 BASE is fully customizable and based on native ROS.


Technical Specifications


  • Dimensions: 515 x 303-338 mm (with optional lifting unit)

  • Weight: 30 Kg

  • Payload: 50 Kg

  • Speed: 1,5 m/s

  • Environment: Indoor

  • Autonomy: 10 h

  • Temperature range: 0°C a +50°C

  • Maximum slope: 8 %

  • Batteries: LiFePO4 30Ah@24V

  • Traction motors: 2 x 250W servomotors

  • Traction system: Differential drive


  • Controller: Open architecture ROS / PC with Linux integrated

  • Communication: WiFi 802.11ac, 4G

  • Connectivity: 2 x USB, 1 x Ethernet y 1 x HDMI


  • Laser range finder (several models)
  • Cameras range 3D (ORBBEC)
  • Docking station
  • Lifting unit

  • rb1_base_sim: Packages for the simulation of the RB-1 BASE robot.

  • rb1_base_common: Packages for the control and simulation of the RB-1 BASE robot.

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