robot assist walker RT.1' robot assist walker RT.1 is a motor assisted rollater( ). RT.1 has two motors, various sensors, battery and micro controller. User just handle grips and walk, then micro controller checks sensors and let motors output torque to assist walking. Normally, user feels less weight of rolater by motor assist. On upslope or downslope, RT.1 automatically output torque to offset gravity so that user can walk like flat place. Futhermore, RT.1 outputs slight reverse torque(brake) on downhill so that user can feel safe.

Embedded software of RT.1 is not based on ROS. But it has mentenance port to control motor speed. So that RT.1 can be controlled from ROS node on PC via serial communication cable. does not support using RT.1 with ROS, but you may get technical advice from' technical engineers. Please contact to . does not support using RT.1 with ROS, and this may break the product and it is not covered by warranty. Also,' support center could not give you any advice.

For more information including usage, please check: Github repository

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