Rhoeby is a ROS-enabled, Navigation-capable hexapod robot based on the Robotis Bioloid kit. It supports SLAM, Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance using low-cost, light-weight 2D Scanning technology available from Rhoeby Dynamics (see website: http://www.rhoeby.com).


Package Summary

The ROS driver is implemented as a single node which performs all publishing and subscribing functions. This helps to reduce the processing load on lesser-capable systems.

Author: John Jordan, Rhoeby Dynamics

License: BSD.



Published Topics


  • Data from Rhoeby 2D Scanner


  • Odometry from hexapod base


  • Data from the phone

Subscribed Topics


  • Velocity commands to hexapod

Hardware Used

  • Robotis Bioloid "Spider" chassis (with custom legs)
  • Robotis Cm9.04 MCU board
  • Nexus 4 phone provides IMU (and tele-prescence camera)
  • Rhoeby Dynamics R2D Infra-Red LiDAR Scanner
  • Bluetooth link to robot for command and status back
  • Remote laptop running ROS Indigo

Software Features

  • 3-DOF Inverse Kinematic leg control
  • Holonomic-capable gait
  • Odometric feedback
  • ROS node for robot control


The hexapod_ros package has been tested on: ROS Hydro, ROS Indigo releases.

ROS driver code on github:

CM9.04 binary on github:

ROS Package installation:

  1. install robot_pose_ekf
  2. copy hexapod_ros into catkin workspace
  3. do 'catkin_make'


Download SensoDuino app to phone (Nexus 4, or other Android device), see:


1. Start roscore:

  • roscore

2. Connect to phone (after starting SensoDuino):

  • sdptool add --channel=22 SP rfcomm listen /dev/rfcomm1 22

3. Run the hexapod_ros node:

  • rosrun hexapod_ros hexapod_ros

4. Start gmapping (for example):

  • roslaunch src/hexapod_ros/launch/gmapping.launch model:=src/hexapod_ros/urdf/hexapod_01.urdf

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