Spark is an affordable development platform for ROS applications, with mobility

and vision system.


Simple and practical:

Can be connected directly to laptop display, camera, speaker, microphone, etc.

High charge ability:

It can charge the robot and laptop at the same time, achieve long-term operation without intervention.

High extensibility:

Power output and installation site are provided. Accessories can be added on easily, such as:

- Camera head

- Loading platform

- Robot arm

- Lidar


Hardware: Mobile chassis, holder, Depth camera

Spec: Dimension: 700mm X 340mm X 340mm

  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Max Payload: 6kg
  • Max Speed: 0.4m/s
  • Obstacle Clearance: 10mm
  • Battery Capacity: 15000mAh

Package Summary

Software for Spark base.


  • Components of this meta-package:
  • spark_description : URDF model description of spark
  • spark_teleop : Keyboard teleoperation for spark
  • spark_bringup : A ROS node wrapper for the spark driver
  • spark_test : some testing program for spark
  • spark_base : the base driver for spark
  • ros_astra_camera : the camera driver for spark, checkout the here for more detail
  • ros_astra_launch : the launch package for spark camera driver, checkout the here for more detail
  • spark_follower: the follower person package for spark, it is an application for spark



  • Use github to report bugs or request features.
  • Check for more information!

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