SUMMIT-X is a dual configuration mobile platform designed mainly for indoor tasks, although it also can work outdoor. SUMMIT-X robot can be raised to a considerable height (such a table, for example). The scissor mechanism of the mobile robot, has also the ability to lower its CDG allowing it to reach speeds up to 3m/s.

It has omnidirectional or skid-steering kinematics based on 4 high-power motor wheels. Each wheel integrates a hub brushless motor with gearbox, speed sensors and optional encoder.

  • summit_x_sim: Packages used for the simulation of the SUMMIT-X.

  • summit_x_common: Contains the URDF description of the SUMMIT-X, platform messages and other files for simulation.

  • summit_x_robot: Packages used for the configuration and bringup of the SUMMIT-X robot.

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