Robotnik SummitXL

ROS Software Maintainer: Roberto Guzman SummitXL is a high versatile high mobility indor/outdoor mobile robot platform manufactured by Robotnik. SummitXL has 4 motorwheels that can mount different set of wheels to adapt to different environment requirements:

  • skid-steering: 4 rubber wheels - thus allowing extremely high performance in rough outdoor terrain

  • omnidirectional drive: 4 mecanum wheels - to get extremely good manoeuvrability indoors.

This stack provides all the necessary packages for simulating in Gazebo and Rviz.



  • Joystick teleoperation
  • Autonomous navigation

Simulation stack overview

SummitXL stack is implemented in the summit-xl-ros-stack. For an outline of the stack please see the tables below.

Basic Configuration


High Level Capabilities

Sensor Drivers

The SummitXL robot includes laser and imu for navigation. For Hokuyo and SICK laser drivers, see laser_drivers


Report a Bug

Use trac to report bugs or request features. [View active tickets]

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