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TALOS is a commercial humanoid robot of PAL Robotics. TALOS is an adult size humanoid (175 cm / 95 kg), two i7 computers, force/torque sensors on each feet and wrist, Full torque sensor feedback in all the joints, RGB-D camera, inertial measurement unit, 2 speakers, and other devices that make TALOS one of the best humanoid research platforms today. This humanoid robot can lift up to 6 Kg with one stretched arm, is fully electrical and 100% ROS based. It also has already developed software for torque control based walking, perception, manipulation, navigation and human-robot interaction which allows it to execute a wide variety of tasks. TALOS runs on ROS internally, and uses state-of-the-art ros_control and OROCOS. This humanoid robot has a payload of 6 Kg with each arm fully extended, because it was designed having in mind the use of heavy industrial tools. This capacitates the robot for effectively perform tasks in environments such as the Factory of the Future. The bipedal humanoid TALOS is fully torque-controllable thanks to the torque sensor feedback in all joints, which enables powerful sensing and multi-contact motions.

For technical questions regarding the public simulation of the robot please write to support@pal-robotics.com .

If you wish to know more or request a quote, please send us a message orvisit our website.


Introducing TALOS

TALOS - Torque Controlled Balancing

A picture is worth a thousand words:

  • TALOS discobolus.png TALOS_side.png

TALOS_transparent_whole_body.png TALOS_head_looking_right.png


A feature-rich Gazebo simulation setup for TALOS is freely available on PAL Robotics' github page.

Instructions on how to install can be found in the TALOS tutorials for ROS Melodic.

PAL Robotics GitHub organization

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