VIONA (Vehicle for Intelligent Off-road NAvigation) The robot VIONA (Vehicle for Intelligent Outdoor Navigation), built and developed by Robot Makers GmbH, was specifically designed for the use in rough terrain. Besides the robust mechanics, a four-wheel drive with powerful electric motors was developed. For improved agility in narrow spaces, the front and rear axles are separately steerable. Therefore, VIONA is able to carry out special manoeuvres like double ackerman and crab steering.

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For the development of a robust and lightweight chassis, a common aluminium profile system was used (compatible to Bosch, Norcan, Minitec, and many more). Critical components and connection points for the wheel suspension, steering and the driving system are made of high-quality machinery steel and a corrosion resistant protection layer. The driving system of the robot is realized by four individual controllable electric motors, each with 1,2kW. Therefore, a powerful movement - also in rough terrain - is possible.

The robot has an industrial safety circuit which permanently controls the vehicles condition and shuts down the driving system in an emergency case. In addition, the robot can be stopped by an emergency switch at the rear end, by an emergency radio shut down or by safety switches in the front and rear bumper.

ROS Compatibility

The integrated Generic Control Box can be addressed via C++ robot frameworks ROS and Finroc® . By using this method, it is possible to put the platform into operation rapidly. Besides the controlling of the hardware, the Generic Control Box also undertakes the calculation of the kinematics and the odometry as well as the concurrent processing and the implementation of the standard joystick and the control interface. This cooperative control enables the integration of autonomous navigation approaches by a radio monitoring through an operator.

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1400 mm (most widest part: bumper)


2425 mm


850 mm


ca. 650 kg


200 kg

track width

1100 mm

wheel base

1200 mm

wheel diameter

770 mm (off-road tyres on 16" alloy wheel rims)

chassis clearance

~ 250 mm

spring deflection

115 mm (-45 mm up to +70 mm)

board voltage

48 V

energy source

8 deep-cycle battery with each 12 V 55 Ah (5280 Wh)

running time

about 4 hours


Generic Control Box


Ethernet TCP/IP


ROS ( Finroc® (


[1] Manufacturers website

[2] Product page

[3] Softwareframework Finroc®

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